Time Magazine this week calls Apple's new iMac "as cool and sleek" as the iPod.

"It looks like an iPod on growth hormones," Time enthuses, pointing out that Apple has designed the new iMac generation to reflect and attract those already enamoured of its classic iPod style.

As The Times this week asked, Time also questions if the strategy will work, pointing to the £999 entry-level iMac price, but admitting this price to be less than that of the previous iMac generation.

"What you get for your money is quite possible the coolest personal computer yet created," Time says, thrilled at the low running temperatures of the machine, and its low operational noise as well. Time is less thrilled by Apple's decision not to offer Bluetooth or WiFi support as standard in the machine.

However, "if Apple's history is any guide, most computers sold over the next four years will have this clean, all-in-one display look."