All models of Apple’s new iMac are now shipping in the UK, according to the company’s UK managing director Mark Rogers.

He revealed exclusively to Macworld UK: “We are now shipping all of the new iMac range”.

“Demand is still greater than supply, hence concerns over a lack of products to meet the demand we are seeing,” he added.

Rogers commented, however, that the company remains undeterred by the delays: “We are continuing to ramp-up our manufacturing to meet the demand levels.”

Max Wright, MD of reseller Cancom, confirmed this, saying a shipment of the new iMac is expected to reach his company’s stores any day now: “We don’t have lots of iMacs, but we know there’s a load on their way to us. We’re expecting the 800MHz model and the 700MHz combo. There are no entry-level iMacs at the moment."

Demand for the new iMacs at Cancom is high. “We have several hundred pre-orders, which is very good – everyone wants one.”

Entire range available by end of month Cancom should be equipped with the entire range by the end of the month. Wright said: “I think the new iMac is fantastic, I have a top-of-the-range model. I think it will continue to sell fantastically.

“It looks great, is fast, efficient, and the best computer on the market.”

An undisclosed Mac reseller revealed yesterday that it already has stocks of the new iMac, holding 271 mid-range, and 39 top-end models. An industry source said: “We had 100 in yesterday, and they were gone in an instant.”

Apple's UK Apple Store continues to warn of a three-five week wait for new orders while the company focuses on fulfilling outstanding purchases.

The 700MHz CD-RW iMac costs £1,249. The 700MHz Combo drive (CD-RW/DVD player) iMac is £1,399, while the 800MHz SuperDrive iMac is £1,649 (all prices include VAT).