Apple's new iPod TV advertising campaign begins in the UK this week, the company says.

The campaign runs until the end of the month. It features the song 'Walkie Talkie Man' by Steriogram.

This song features the lines: "Well you're walkin' and a talkin', You're my walkie talkie man Well you're walkin and a talkin." The advertisement is available to view on Apple UK's Web site.

Free R.E.M. sampler

In related news, UK iTunes Music Store users can download a free three-minute preview consisting of snippets of tracks from new R.E.M. album, 'Around the Sun'.

iTunes download of the week

Finally, this week's free download for iTunes-savvy music shoppers comes from all-girl hip-hop/funk band, Sirens. the track - 'Baby (Off the Wall'.

Hailing from Newcastle, UK, the band "don't like to put a label on what they do," but Karina Brians describes their sound as: "Hip-hop influenced, urban, dark, gritty and underground."