An innovative valve amplifier and dock for iPods, the Fatman iTube Valve Dock, has been announced.
Set to ship next month, the £299 system puts the iPod's music collection through its built-in valve amp to create a deeper, richer sound. The system is compatible with all iPods (except the shuffle) and ships with a remote control.

The device will connect to a television or stereo system, so users get the benefit of a rich sound with their iPod's movie clips. There's a line-in jack for alternative audio sources.

The company has also launched a new pair of headphones, called Fatman FatFones. These use technologies developed for the sorts of heaphones that musicians and Formula One drivers use which stick into their ears. These are anatomically designed to fit ears correctly, and also block background noise. These cost £29.99.

Fatman is a division of TL Audio.

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