Apple has released a new Java update - Java for Oracle 1.3.1, designed specifically for Oracle 11i users.

Notes accompanying the release say: "Java for Oracle is an upgrade to 1.3.1 which provides support or Oracle 11i client applications on Mac OS X. it is recommended that you only update t to Java for Oracle if you need to use Oracle 11i client applications."

The 12.8MB download is available from Apple's Web site. It requires Mac OS X 10.2.1 or later.

The release comes as Apple prepares itself to exhibit at the forthcoming JavaOne Conference, to be held in San Francisco's Moscone Centre, June 10-13.

Apple is a sponsor of JavaOne, and also sits on the committee that develops the Java standard.

This year's JavaOne conference offers keynote speeches, talks, booths and labs. As it did last year, Apple is expected to use the event to promote Mac OS X as a leading client and development platform for Java.