Illuminating details relating to action brought against Apple by unhappy US Apple Authorized Resellers have been made available online.

Individual resellers are suing Apple over claims that it sells merchandise to its own retail stores for less than it charges Apple resellers.

An amended complaint filed with the Superior Court of the County of Santa Clara by one of the complainants – Macadam Computer – sheds light on the finer points of the case. It includes complaints of breach of contract, fraud, false advertising, and defamation, among others.

The 66-page document includes the claims: "Apple would replace perfectly good working RAM memory chips informing the end user that the dealer had sold the customers defective RAM which Apple's upgraded software had specifically deactivated thereby enabling Apple to sell additional products to the consumer that were not necessary."

Macadam claims to have "suffered damages in an amount to be proven at the time of trial, but no less than $7,500,000", as a direct and proximate result of Apple's conduct.

"We expect to be in court on June 22 for a case-management conference, and hope the judge will be setting a date for trial soon," said Thomas Armes, co-founder of was created by a group of former Apple Authorized Resellers as a means to document and share any unethical or illegal business practices of Apple. The organization says its goal is to change Apple Computer for the better.

"In order to accomplish our stated goal we want to uncover any skeletons that exist at Apple," states the Web site.