Apple is introducing a new US advertising campaign, “Real People”. It will be its largest ad campaign since “Think Different” in 1998.

The campaign features people who have switched from PCs to Macs. Eight ads feature different people telling the story of their move. Participants come from diverse backgrounds; including a Windows network administrator, a writer, an illustrator, a small-business owner, a programmer, a producer, and a DJ.

“These are not actors – they’re real people who have switched from PCs to Macs, telling their story in their own words,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO. “More people are interested in switching from PCs to Macs than ever before, and we hope that hearing these successful switchers tell their story will help others make the jump.”

TV and print The company has purchased a major chunk of airtime from major US TV networks to get the campaign started. Print ads are scheduled to run in Time and Newsweek, with other major magazines also selected.

Apple watchers believe the campaign will soon run in the UK, once the company has finalized its plans.

The ads are part of Apple’s strategy to attract the 95 per cent of computer users who don’t use Macs. In an offshoot of the campaign, the US Apple Stores are set to display Wintel PCs next to Macs, in a move to demonstrate to PC users why they should make the switch, reports claim.

Apple has also posted a selection of resources for those interested making the switch. The information includes reasons to make the switch, common questions about switching, and true accounts of the process from people who've made the change.

One switcher is quoted as saying: “Using my PC was like being stuck in a bad relationship.”