A new website for Mac gamers, MacFun, has been revealed.

The site was created to provide a community where Mac users can find games for their Macs. It offers a range of family-friendly puzzle, strategy, word, arcade and card games. In the coming weeks, MacFun.com will also be introducing community-building features.

"Our goal is to build MacFun into a great resource for the entire Mac community," says Amy Torres, editor-in-chief of MacFun. "Most other sites treat Mac users as an afterthought, if they consider them at all. But finally there is a place where they can trust that every game works on the Mac, where Safari is the browser of choice, and where the support staff, editor, webmaster, and everyone else, are all Mac users themselves."

MacFun is also offering Mac development services for third-party and original casual games, a unique Mac-specific DRM solution for license and distribution.