A new Mac Pro will be launched at WWDC tonight, and feature a dual GPU and Thunderbolt 2, if a supposedly leaked mockup screenshot from Apple's website is legitimate.

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New Mac Pro WWDC 2013

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Apple's WWDC 2013 conference starts tonight* and one of the new product launches Apple fans are hoping to hear about is a Mac Pro for 2013. Apple hasn't launched a full Mac Pro for almost three years, although a slightly faster version of the current model was released last summer.

The image that's been leaked on to the web appears to show a screenshot from Apple's own website, and depicts a piece of black hardware with the Apple logo. The text reads:

Mac Pro
with Dual GPU and Thunderbolt 2
gigantic graphics power and file transfers in a zip

The image doesn't appear on Apple's website so, assuming it's genuine, is presumably an internal design of the new Mac Pro page ready for the launch at WWDC. However, as with most 'leaked Apple images', there's a better than respectable chance that it's the result of some clever Photoshopping by an unscrupulous Apple fan. The image, after all, doesn't have any credentials behind it, and was simply sent to a number of Mac sites this weekend by an anonymous sender.

One immediate issue, pointed out by eagle-eyed Twitter user @Ricker666, is that Thunderbolt 2 is still in development, and isn't set to go into production until some time near the end of this year. Apple is likely to be the first company to get its hand on the new technology, and it's possible that it will announce the new model tonight with a view to launching later in the year. But it does seem a bit strange. 

The styling is spot-on, though. And if it's genuine, it's a cracking bit of design. Fingers crossed.

*The WWDC 2013 keynote starts at 6pm British time. Follow all the announcements on macworld.co.uk, on our dedicated WWDC live feed, or on Twitter at twitter.com/macworlduk.

New Mac Pro release date

Back in June 2012, Apple attracted criticism and concern after it made a very minor update to the Mac Pro. In response to that criticism Apple CEO Tim Cook promised that new Mac Pros would be released in 2013, so we know that something is on its way. See also: The Mac that time forgot

A likely Mac Pro release date and venue would be at WWDC – set to commence on 10 June.Apple's worldwide developers conference is held on a yearly basis in San Francisco. In previous years this event tended to have a Pro focus, although in recent times it's rather been taken over by the iPad, iPhone and iOS. Hopefully this June we will get back to the Mac. 

Reports in the run up to WWDC have claimed that there are shortages of Mac Pro units at resellers, hinting that a new model may launch soon. 

However, a credible source told Lou Borella, the creator of the Facebook group 'We Want a New Macpro,' to expect a new Mac Pro in the autumn

New Mac Pro WWDC 2013