The wait may at last be over for fans of Apple’s Mac Pro. Apple may be about to refresh the super-power Mac for the first time in nearly two years. News that Apple appears to be winding down the inventory on its Mac Pro, coupled with claims that details of Mac Pro part numbers have emerged, has high-end Mac users excited.

According to MacRumors, Apple has begun recalling Mac Pro stocks from its retail stores and instructed staff to tell customers to order the machine online. When ordering online the projected shopping dates are 8-9 June, or 12-13 June, which is just after the WWDC keynote, according to MacRumors. However, in the UK projecting shipping dates are 1-2 days.

MacRumors called 100 US Apple Stores and found only five with Mac Pro machines in stock. The site also claims to have heard that Apple will be holding a secret "overnight" for staff at its retail stores on 12 June.

Other indications that Apple is to renew the Mac Pro at WWDC include the leaking part numbers and prices. According to 9to5Mac, MD770LL/A – K5BPLUS,BETTER, BTR-USA; MD771LL/A – K5BPLUS,BEST,BTR-USA; MD772LL/A – K5BPLUS,ULTIMATE,BTR-USA, show similar pricing to the current Mac Pro. According to 9to5Macs sources, there will be three configurations of the Mac Pro, two standard versions, and a server version. (There are currently three versions and a server version available to buy from Apple’s online store.)

9to5Mac also speculates that the new Mac Pros may feature a “rackable and stackable” design and space for more storage drives, now that the Xserve has been discontinued.

The Mac Pro was last updated in August 2010 and currently offers up to 12-cores via two 2.66GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon “Westmere” processors for £4,083. For high-end Mac users who need expansion slots and open drive bays the Mac Pro is essential. The lack of an update in such a long time has left many users concerned that Apple was planning to do away with the Mac Pro.