Mac industry sources are buzzing at speculation that Apple may upgrade its MacBook range with new Core 2 Duo processors.

It now appears the new Macs may debut around the 13th of November, according to online retailer,

It has widely been expected that Apple would field new Core 2 Duo processors in its consumer notebook range at some point. The company upgraded its MacBook Pros with the new processor on 24 October.

Chatter speculating on an imminent MacBook upgrade has been in circulation for two weeks. It took a major uplift last week when published (and then removed) descriptions of new Core 2 Duo-powered MacBooks.

Pages describing the product have once again appeared. They indicate the new model Macs will be available for sale from 13 November - just over a week away. Customers visiting the site are bing given a chance to pre-order their new notebooks.

According to the webpage, the newly revamped second generation MacBooks will offer a maximum 2GHz processor speed, and will ship with 512MB RAM as standard. Other than an upgraded processor, the machines are otherwise identical to the existing models.