Last week, we reported that Apple could be planning to use new lightweight Liquidmetal in its next-generation iPhone. Now, new reports suggest that Apple could incorporate the new material in its imminent MacBook Pro update.

SlashGear reports that “an anonymous Apple fan” claims to have seen Liquidmetal technology being used in a device much bigger than an iPhone.

We’re not sure that this Apple fan is a particularly reliable source (to say the least) but SlashGear believes that the feature is “too perfect not to consider”.

ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes writes in his blog that Liquidmetal in a MacBook Pro would cause problems for WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Heat could also be an issue, as Liquidmetal could overheat much more than aluminium.

However, Kingsley-Hughes says that a benefit of Liquidmetal over aluminium would be damage resistance. Liquidmetal will acquire less bumps and scratches than aluminium does. This, along with its lightweight qualities, would mean added portability for the device.

A recent report that Apple will discontinue the 17in MacBook Pro also suggests that the company is focusing on increasing portability.

The redesigned MacBook Pro line-up could be more like the MacBook Air, with a thinner design that scraps hard disk drives in favour of SSDs. The new MacBooks could also have high-resolution Retina displays.

It is expected that Apple will update its MacBook Pro range in the very near future, with many predicting an April launch alongside Intel's just announced Ivy Bridge processors.

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