Apple's plans to deploy LED backlights in its laptops, and may be set to boost the line in August, a report suggests.

Taiwan-based backlight unity manufacturer Kenmos Technology will begin shipping LED backlights for 13.3- and 15.4in laptops in July, according to DigiTimes.

The report claims the company will ship between 10,000-15,000 backlight units at first, but this will quickly climb to 100,000 units in August: "Thanks to shipments to an international company for a new model during the month," the report adds.

Apple has already moved to LED screens for its MacBook Pro notebooks, but hasn't yet applied the new technology to other Macs it produces with built-in screens, such as the MacBook and iMac range.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently confirmed his company's plans to deploy more environmentally-friendly solutions - such as LED screens - within its products.