Motorola has released the MPC7410, its next-generation G4 processor.

The 7410 is designed for high-performance, high-bandwidth applications, and is ideal for network control and storage. It is available at 400MHz, 450MHz and 500MHz, with a 550MHz version also slated for release.

A 500MHz 7410 will match a 500MHz 7400, but with the power consumption of a 400MHz G4. The 7410 is half the size of the 7400, thanks to the 0.18-micron copper-fabrication manufacturing process. The 7410 also uses less power and runs cooler than the 7400.

Though designed for the embedded market, the 7410 can easily be used for desktop implementation. It retains the connections necessary for Symmetric Multi-Processing (SMP), capable of supporting 512K, 1MB, and 2MB L2 cache sizes.

The chip also includes 32K instruction and 32K data L1 caches. The 7410 remains a 64-bit processor, and, like the current G4, it has a 128-bit AltiVec execution unit. UK prices have yet to be announced.