A new movie takes a look at the birth of Silicon Valley.

"In Search of the Valley" is described as the tale of three friends on a personal journey into "the psyche" of the place.

It records what happened when the three swapped "London for California for one month last September. During the trip they clocked up over 3,000 miles visiting and talking to many of Silicon Valley's heavy-weights, as well as those of a more personal interest."

The team spoke with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Adobe founder John Warnock, O'Reilly Publishing's Tim O'Reilly, team member of the original Macintosh Andy Hertzfeld and others.

The movie ships in 2006, meanwhile a selection of short movie clips are available to view on the movie website in QuickTime format.

These include clips in which Steve Wozniak talks about practical jokes, Guy Kawasaki discusses entrepreneurship and John Warnock discusses changing the world.