Another piece of malware is targeting Mac users, according to Intego. 

NetWeirdRC is targeting Mac OS X 10.6 and later, as well as Windows, Linux and Solaris, according to the Mac security company. 

It's a commercial remote access tool, according to Intego. 

After installation NetWeirdRC calls home to the IP address on port 4141 and awaits instructions. Then it carries out functions including installing files, gathering system information, stealing browser passwords and grabbing screen shots.

Due to a bug NetWeirdRC doesn't run after the Mac is restarted, it merely opens the Home folder. 

Intego considers the risk to be low at this time. 

The product is sold for $60 (£37) in the malware world, relatively cheap in comparison to the OSX/Crisis malware that was being sold for €200,000 (£158,000), notes Intego. 

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