Opera Software has released new beta versions of its Web browser for Classic and Mac OS X.

The browser, also called Opera, is currently in beta-testing, preceeding the release of the Opera 5.0 Gold Master. It's the fifth beta for Classic Mac OS version and the third for the Mac OS X edition.

This build offers a host of bug fixes, as well as a handful of new features, including new ways to manage cookies, drag-&-drop downloads, a 30-day banner-ad-free mode, interface enhancements and more, according to information posted on the company's Web site.

Opera is a small, standards-compliant Web browser which supports HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) 4.01, Cascading Style Sheets, XML (Extensible Markup Language), Javascript and WAP (Wireless Access Protocol), among other standards.

Opera holds just under 1 per cent of the browser market, according to a study conducted by WebSideStory. In some European countries, however, the company controls as much as almost 6 per cent of the market, the study found.

The new betas can be downloaded from Opera.