Kids will be able to buy music online, thanks to a new payment system that will enable those without bank accounts to more easily download tracks.

Music Engine claims its MusicPay system is the first time such a scope of payment methods – including topping up an online account by cash, reverse SMS billing, bank transfers and credit/debit cards – has been integrated.

Music Engine spokesman Dan Brown told Revolution: "The ability to pay by cash in a variety of locations, including a deal now being hammered out to include 10,000 retail outlets using the Paypoint system, means the medium can be opened up to millions who were previously denied access by not having a bank account or credit card."

Fierce Panda and Pinnacle Digital – distributor of Rough Trade artists including The Libertines and Morrissey – have already signed up for the system.

Napster recently linked up with electronics retail chain Dixons to sell pre-paid cards to those wanting to download music.

The new MusicPay system will launch on Friday.