Reports are claiming that a new iMac will launch next week on 23 October, featuring a redesigned body with a thinner profile. Also launching, according to the rumour mill, are a 13in Retina Display MacBook Pro, and the iPad mini

The news will please many who have been waiting to update their iMac – the al-in-one Mac was last updated in May 2011.

The claims of the thinner body and new design come are based on a photo that has appeared on Chinese site showing what is thought to the logic board and some of the internal components of the new iMac.

That report claims that the iMac will be thinner and that the new design will include a curved shell "like a water droplet".

While, the authenticity of the photo can't be confirmed, iFixit's Kyle Wiens has told MacRumors that it could be legitimate, based on similarities with current iMac components. He points to the silver disc located behind the main layer of components – this disc has appeared in Apple's iMac for several years.

The report also claims that the new iMac's screen is glued to the front glass of the machine, which is thought to offer improved display quality.

MacRumours also claims that the 21.5in iMac may be the first to get the new design update. The 27in model is said to be more challenging, due to the need to laminate the larger display and glass with acceptable yields.

Apple to launch 13in MacBook Pro with Retina Display

A 13in Retina MacBook Pro is also expected to launch on 23 October. Apple's 15in Retina display equipped Mac laptop launched in June. The 13in version is expected to share the thinner, lighter enclosure of the 15in version, and will be sold in two configurations — with differing processor and storage options, writes 9to5Mac.

The 13in MacBook Pro with Retina Display is said to be in production and will carry a code name of "D1", which fits with the "D2" code name that turned out to be the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, writes MacRumors.

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