Handspring launched two Visor handhelds yesterday, the Visor Prism and Visor Platinum.

The Visor Prism (pictured) features an active matrix LCD 16-bit colour display, capable of displaying 65,536 colours. It also has a Motorola DragonBall VZ processor running at 33-MHz - twice the performance of the previous processor - and 8MB of RAM.

It includes a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery, capable of providing two weeks of "normal" battery life per charge. Handspring claims the Visor is the fastest Palm OS-based handheld on the market, at least 50 per cent faster than its own Visor Deluxe.

The Visor Platinum was also introduced, this includes the faster processor but has an 8-bit greyscale display.

The new units will be available from Handspring’s Web site, but should reach the high street in November.

The Prism is cobalt blue and costs £340, the Visor Platinum is metallic silver and costs £212.

Handspring officials also displayed an add-on joystick that will ship with Zap2000, a Handspring game due in January.