The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is considering ten proposed new top-level domain names specifically for certain industries or groups.

The proposals were submitted this week. ICANN is expected to announce its selections later this year.

The following domain names are up for consideration: .jobs; .travel; .mail; .mobi; .tel; .asia; .post; .cat; and .xxx. The .tel domain has been proposed twice by different bodies.

The country-code top-level domain operators for China, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and Macao are backing the .asia proposal. The .asia names would be geared toward small and midsized companies doing business in Asia.

The international postal community put forward .post, users of the Catalan language proposed .cat, and the .xxx domain is intended for adult content.

An independent panel will review the proposals beginning in May 2004.

ICANN currently authorizes three specialized top-level domains: .aero for the aviation industry, .coop for cooperative businesses and .museum for museums.