palmOne has introduced the Zire 21 handheld – boasting four times the storage capacity of the original Zire handheld.

In addition to 8MB of memory, the Zire 21 features the new 126MHz Texas Instruments OMAP processor; new versions of Date Book, Address Book, Note Pad and To Do List; and the latest Palm OS software, Version 5.2.1; and classic Palm PIM (Personal Information Management) applications with an emphasis on value and simplicity.

palmOne vice president for EMEA Vesey Crichton said: "The Zire 21 handheld is a sequel to the fastest-selling handheld in history. With the same great price and ease of use, the sequel offers more memory for data and applications, as well as faster performance. We expect the Zire 21 handheld to be another hit with first-time users and gift-givers."

The company also announced a £50 reduction in price for the Zire 71 handheld that will now cost £179.

The Zire 71 plays MP3s and features a built-in camera to capture spontaneous snapshots, and users can download movie trailers and other pre-formatted material from the Internet, and display their own video clips on the device, using Kimona Player and Producer and QuickTime.