Newer Technology is working from "year zero", its new CEO Gerald Minjoot told Macworld in an exclusive interview.

In June, the company laid off 20 employees, as it was forced to streamline in the face of bankruptcy.

But the company’s short-term future was secured with the help of Singapore company, Tri-M.

Minjoot, also Tri-M’s chairman, said: "We are now moving forward. Newer has an impressive stall at Macworld, something we felt it was important to raise our profile for our customers.

"We have now reached the point when we can execute the plans we have put in place."

Following the redundancies, industry watchers continue to predict that the company would fail within months.

Answering his critics, Minjoot said: "Newer has reached year zero. Tri-M has made a significant investment in the company, and we will see results.

"The rumours need burning. Tri-M is in this for the long-term. It’s up to the restructured company to justify the investment we have made. We have a new strategy, new products and operating capital."

He added: "The company is changing its business model. We want to get closer to our customers because we increasingly have to deal with less technically skilled end-users."

The new Newer plans to leverage its technical expertise: "In the short term, we are product-focused, but we intend exploiting our core competencies," Minjoot said.

Newer is developing a new software package, called SpeedBench. The program presents a visual representation of a Mac’s speed and performance from two angles: one represents the computer as it stands, the other shows the improved perfomance that any given upgrade will deliver. The company also plans to provide software-performance benchmarking.

"We want to educate our customers, so they can choose upgrades which are right for them." Said Minjoot.

Newer’s cyber strategist, Ed Kleban, said: "Programs like MacBench only offer numbers – you can tell that a certain upgrade can double the speed of your Mac. SpeedBench goes further than this, and visually shows customers what such a speed increase means."

"It’s about offering value," explained Minjoot. "We want customers to be able to decide whether they need to upgrade or to replace their machine. It’s about building consumer confidence in us. This is an essential part of the company’s strategy."

Before, Newer was renowned for failing to ship products on time, losing its main UK distributor in the process.

"We will be delivering products on time." Minjoot stressed.

In related news, Newer announced the iMAXpowr G4 433 for iMacs and the MAXpowr G3-PB 466 for Wall Street and Bronze PowerBooks at Macworld yesterday. These products are shipping in the US today, and Newer says they will ship in the UK "very soon". Newer products are now distributed by AM Micro.