Sonnet Technologies will post Mac OS X drivers for Newer Technology processor upgrades by May.

Drivers will be made available for owners of Newer's MaxPower G3 and G4 ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) products.

Newer Techology folded in December 2000, leaving users without support. Following Newer's demise, Sonnet Technologies hired key engineering personnel from Newer.

MaxPower users require Sonnet's OS X drivers for use with OS X. The updaters will be made available as a $29.95 download.

Sonnet has also announced Mac OS X compatibility for a number of its own upgrades, including the Sonnet Encore/ZIF and Encore/ST G3/G4 processor upgrades. Software updates for these are also available for download, and cost $29.95.

The company's upgrade path will support Mac OS X on upgraded older Macs, starting from the 7300 Power Macintosh.