Newer has opened up its spring sale with price reductions, ranging from £50 to £100 across most of its current, top-of-the-range MAXpowr G3 and G4 upgrades.

MAXpowr G3 and G4 upgrades come in ZIF and PCI varieties. ZIF upgrades are designed for use in beige and blue-&-white PowerMac G3s, while PCI upgrades are aimed at older Macs, from the 7300 to 9600 models, and Power Computing, Umax, DayStar and Mactell clones.

Price changes at a glance
MAXpowr G3 500/1MB/250 - ZIF £449 (reduced from £549)
MAXpowr G4 400/1MB/200 - ZIF £479 (reduced from £549)
MAXpowr G4 450/1MB/225 - ZIF £599 (reduced from £699)

MAXpowr G3 400/1MB/200 - PCI £309 (reduced from £359)
MAXpowr G3 500/1MB/250 - PCI £449 (reduced from £569)
MAXpowr G4 350/1MB/175 - PCI £359 (reduced from £425)
MAXpowr G4 400/1MB/200 - PCI £479 (reduced from £549)
MAXpowr G4 450/1MB/225 - PCI £599 (reduced from £699)
All prices exclude VAT.

Newer products are distributed by A M Micro in the UK.