Newer has cut the prices of several of its G3/G4 CPU upgrades.

John Nelson, Newer’s president, said: "Leveraging our continual improvements in manufacturing, made possible through our partner, Tri-M Technologies, we are able to bring attractively priced upgrade cards to market."

Price have been cut on the following Newer products:

The 500MHz/1MB/250MHz MAXpowr G3-ZIF module for Apple’s beige and blue-&-white G3s now costs £339, a reduction of £70.

The 400MHz/1MB/200MHz and 450MHz/1MB/225MHz Maxpowr G4-ZIF modules have had prices cut by £120 and £90 respectively. They now cost £339 and £469 each.

The 264-300MHz MAXpowr G3 PDS 71/81 card for Apple’s Power PC 7100 and 8100s, Power Computing’s Power 100 and 120 as well as Radius clones. These cards now cost £349.

Newer’s FireWire 2 Go, FireWire combination card for the PowerBook has seen its price cut by £20 to £89.

All these products are distributed by AM Micro.