Aladdin Systems has released MacHeadlines Pro and Lite 1.9.1, its information-delivery applications.

The programs let users access news headlines, weather and sports information over the Internet.

The Pro version offers a scrolling news ticker. This information can be sourced from preset lists, or from a favourites list. Sources can be edited in the preferences menu.

The Lite version, a free version of the Pro, lets users see the news on a desktop ticker, but only from a limited number of sources.

Available as a download, directly from Aladdin on CD, and via various distributors and retailers, the Pro version is $19.95. The program requires a Mac running System 7.5.1 or higher, Open Transport 1.1 or later, and 8MB RAM.

Aladdin now owns several versions of many of its technologies, following its recent purchase of Trexar Technologies last month.

Sources told Macworld that Aladdin plans to integrate the best points of each of these products, with a view to releasing one, supercharged version. Other news indicates that the firm might move to an advertising-based revenue model for some of its software – in similar vein to Eudora, with its Pro, Sponsored and Lite versions.

Aladdin is also rumoured to be developing plug-ins for some products, making them even more flexible and scaleable to a user’s needs. One product seemingly undergoing such development is Aladdin’s MacTicker, where plug-ins are expected to reach beta in early April. Another feature promised in MacTicker is a Portfolio, this is expected to detail an investors assets in one window, with their total value updated in real time in the display.