Newsweek this week takes Apple to task for its refusal to license its FairPlay digital rights management technology.

Apple takes second place in the magazine's "Why can't we just get along" awards. It's because songs sold through iTunes won't play on music players from other manufacturers.

While Jobs argues demand for such a facility isn't there, Newsweek counters: "When people pay for music, they want it to be playable on any device they choose."

Microsoft's move to champion next-generation DVD format HD-DVD is also in focus.

"Could it be, for instance, that Microsoft's endorsement of HD-DVD has something to do with the fact that Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3 will use Blu-ray?" Newsweek asks.

AOL takes first prize for "maintaining AOL Instant Messenger as a closed system" and satellite radio service Sirius and XM take third prize for their incompatible formats.