A mechanical fault in the Coolpix 2000 digital camera has prompted manufacturer Nikon UK to recall the model.

Over-heating battery compartments have been found in a number of Coolpix 2000 digital cameras.

Nikon notes that while this is unlikely to injure users, the problem will melt the camera's outside casing, causing irreversible damage.

Serial numbers affected in the range include: 2010001; 2042816; 2510001; 2543248; 3010001; 3060980; 3510001; 3561916; 4010001; 4063334; 4510001; 4555696; 5010001; 5014664; 5510001; 5512592.

Remedy already Nikon UK advises users with any of the above serial numbers of their cameras to cease usage immediately and remove any installed batteries. The company assures it will replace all those affected products, and will arrange for the collection and exchange of faulty goods.

Phone the following freephone number to order a replacement product – 0800 018 8977. This numbers will active from tomorrow, from 9am to 9pm.

Nikon UK hastens to add that it's identified the cause of the problem and has designed a remedy. All other Nikon products remain unaffected by this mechanical problem.