Nikon has announced its new line of film scanners, the Coolscan IV and the SuperCoolscan 4000 – they replace the LS-30 and LS-2000 film scanners respectively.

The scanners feature Digital ICE technology, which combines ICE (image correction and enhancement), ROC (Restoration of Colour) and GEM (Grain Equalization and Management).

Digital ICE works by reading the surface of the film and detecting defects, such as finger-prints and scratches, and then removing the imperfections.

Grain Digital ROC and Digital GEM reduce film grain while restoring damaged and faded film to as-new condition.

Nikon claims that this suite of enhancement tools provides a solution for near perfect scans.

The Coolscan IV has a resolution of 2,900dpi and USB connectivity, while the SuperCoolscan 4000 has 4,000dpi resolution and a FireWire interface.

Both scanners will be available from mid-February and will ship with Nikon Scan 3.0 software and Fotostation. The Coolscan IV will also bundle with Adobe Photoshop 5.0 LE, while the LS-4000 will be bundled with a Firewire card and cables as standard.

The Coolscan IV is expected to cost £650 and the SuperCoolscan 4000 £1,300.