Nine Inch Nails has released the band's new single 'Only' as a GarageBand project.

This follows positive response to the band's previously made available GarageBand project, “The Hand That Feeds".

Referring to the previous initiative, the band's singer Trent Reznor called this “a resounding success,” and added “I’ve enjoyed and cringed at what you’ve done with my song. Thank you (I think).”

To widen the scope of the project, Nine Inch Nails have released the tracks that make the new song in both Mac and Windows formats, usable by a variety of digital music editing software suites.

"There is no agenda here other than for you to explore, experiment, and have fun with it. depending on how this goes we may construct a more formal community for remix postings and/or possibly some sort of "official" endorsement by means of an EP or something," the band explains.

"I'm looking forward to hearing what you come up with".