Nintendo has launched its next-generation game console, the Gamecube.

Early reports about the product suggested Nintendo would call its product the Cube, but the company seems to have side stepped potential pressure from Apple’s legal department with its choice of product name. The market could become confused, though, as there are now three cubistic products available – Cobalt’s Qube, Apple’s G4 Cube, and Nintendo’s new Gamecube console box, which will hit stores in Japan in July.

Tokyo demo The Japanese electronic toy maker previewed the Gamecube, as well as its new portable Game Boy Advance at the Spaceworld trade show in Tokyo.

The Game Boy Advance has 50 per cent more screen size than the current product, and contains a 32-bit RISC processor, superseding the Game Boy’s current 8-bit processor. Screen resolution is enhanced too, and it’s capable of displaying 500 colours simultaneously.

100 million sales The Game Boy Advance will also double up as a Gamecube controller, and should be on sale in March next year. The original Game Boy has been around for eleven years, Nintendo sold the 100 millionth Game Boy last June.

Like Apple, Nintendo’s cutting-edge Gamecube gets it’s processor from IBM and it’s graphics abilities from ATI. Gamecube features a 405MHz copper wire central processor, a graphics co-processor from ATI, and carries 40MB RAM.

Accessories will include a 56k modem with plans to introduce a broadband modem in the future. The Gamecube will have a wireless controller; two Digicard slots for either 4MB Digicard flash memory cards or a 64MB SD-Digicard adaptor, as well as high-speed ports and both analogue and digital audio-visual outputs, Nintendo said.