Nisus is preparing to announce its Nisus Email application, which integrates with many word-processing applications to let users dispatch email direct from a word-processor.

Nisus claims its email application has "several" ways to send emails from within other applications. It claims that any application which supports drag-&-drop or file saving can be used to email a file or message. Nisus Email also manages emails.

The application sports a tiny global window that remains visible no matter which application you are using. When this is clicked on the global window it expands to fill the screen, this allows all email contacts to be viewed, and emails can be sent via the Quick Message Window.

Drag Nisus Email also offers "DragSend" - this lets users select text from within any application and drag-&-drop this onto the Email icon. The global window then opens and the contacts list can be accessed.

Nisus Email offers a number of easy-to-manage email features, all through a Finder-like interface. For a full run-down of these visit Nisus. Minimum system requirements are Mac OS 8.0 or later and a PPC 601 or better processor.