New research from Sony Ericsson offers some hope to London's tired commuters, as it predicts an end to the daily commute by 2010.

"By 2010 the daily commuter grind could be a thing of the past if businesses offer workers flexible tools to work from anywhere," the report says.

The research claims that by 2020 offices will be more like Friends-style coffee shops or domestic living rooms, with desks and computers moving aside to make way for wireless networks, laptops, sofas and coffee tables.

"Most of the UK's prestigious offices will be nothing more than glorified lounges as planners and designers fill work spaces with 'wireless hotspots' and hot desks for transient workers to connect to the internet in 'brain storm zones', and hi-tech Wi-Fi libraries, with separate meeting areas for doing deals, socializing and office flirting," the report claims.

The sponsored study written by social trends expert James Harkin also says that flexible wireless technologies will unleash workers from their desks, allowing them to work wherever and whenever they choose.

"Freedom to work from anywhere will increase job satisfaction, morale and increase staff loyalty and retention," he claims.

Sony Ericsson corporate vice president Anders Franzén said: "The future of office work will be revolutionized by wireless tools that will change the face of offices and will give workers the freedom to be productive wherever and whenever they choose."