Digital Voodoo has ended Mac development across its product line.

Final Cut Pro 4 will be the last version of Apple's video software the company will support. The company also warns it cannot guarantee future versions of its cards will be compatible with Power Mac G5s.

The company said that it has chosen to focus on developing 10-bit RGB products, as it believes these are the future of post-production. "Sony with the HDCAM SR and Thompson's Viper are two companies who believe in the same future. No doubt Panasonic will follow this lead also," the company said.

Digital Voodoo also called Apple's reliance on QuickTime "flawed". Its limitations include the inability to capture more than two channels of audio and not being able to capture sequential files.

"QuickTime is updated constantly, which is a big risk for development. Our code could literally be broken over night from a QuickTime update. Moving away from this reliance of QuickTime actually gives our customers real choice with file formats," the company said.

Digital Voodoo makes Standard Definition and High Definition video cards used to import and export video to and from computers. Its products are for video editors and others who need high-quality video import and export capabilities.