Apple has no plans to introduce revised Mac products at Macworld Expo, Tokyo, MacCentral claims.

The article quotes Greg Joswiak, Apple's senior director of hardware product marketing. Joswiak reveals: "We are not planning to introduce any new CPUs at Macworld Tokyo." Joswiak claims Apple is "set" for "some time".

The news means the company has no plans to upgrade any of its existing computer products over the next few months. Instead, the report claims, Apple will focus on expanding its market share by attracting new users and converting Windows users.

It's also an opportunity for the company to push Mac OS X, leveraging the Unix base of this operating system to draw in converts, as well as offering a path for Unix developers to bring their products to the Mac, MacCentral claims.

The article makes no mention of iPod, nor does it ask if there are any plans to expand Apple's own-branded range of digital devices. iPod was launched in October 2001. Recent announcements from Toshiba indicate the technology exists to introduce larger capacity iPod-like devices. Apple, however, will not confirm it uses Toshiba drives in the product.