ATI’s Radeon cards are still unavailable as a build to order option with the G4 Cube from the UK’s Apple Store, amid conflicting reports as to why.

A note on Apple UK’s site says: "The following options you have selected are unavailable," but promises that the Radeon build-to-order option will be available "soon".

Nathalie Welch, PR for Apple US, said: "Availability is very different in different regions, but it’s certainly Apple’s intention to deliver its products to its customers."

The UK isn’t the only territory waiting for Radeon’s graphics-crunching power, despite ATI’s announcement that the cards would begin to ship in September. Apple customers across Europe are affected, while US, Canadian and Australian customers can order Radeon as an option from their Apple Stores – though US reports hint that even these customers are waiting for their G4 Cube with Radeon to appear.

Shipping cards Rick Hall, PR Manager for ATI (who manufacture the Radeon upgrade), told Macworld: "It’s not an issue from our side – we are shipping Radeon Cards in quantity at this time." ATI is Apple’s manufacturer of choice for 3D graphics cards.

In the UK, customers who ordered a Radeon-enhanced G4 Cube when it was announced a few weeks ago are still waiting – though they were originally promised delivery within three days – and have been told there is a longer wait to come.

Customers claim to have been told the problem was with the Radeon card, and that their purchases wouldn’t be ready "for a while".

Not here ATI sources in the UK were unable to clarify the situation, except to confirm the cards unavailability in the UK. One representative, who declined to be named, said: "We know the Radeon cards for the Mac should be with us shortly, but we have been given no specific information at this time."

Acting on Apple US’s suggestion that this was a local supply issue. Apple’s UK PR manager, David Millar, said: "I’ve just heard that Radeon is available on the Apple Store again now (or as soon as the 'server push' has completed)."

Despite Millar’s statement, UK visitors to Apple’s online shop front continue to be unable to order a G4 Cube with Radeon, and despite Rick Hall’s claim that the product is shipping, ATI UK tell a different story.