iTunes-related legal action against Nominet UK by Ben Cohen's Cyberbritain Group has been dropped.

Cohen's attempt to force a judicial review of Nominet UK ended in failure.

Cyberbritain had called for an examination of Nominet UK's Dispute Resolution Service (DRS). It wanted the Nominet-forced transfer of ownership of the domain name from Cyberbritain to Apple reversed.

The domain name was transferred to Apple as the result of a case under Nominet UK's DRS in May 2005.

The judge dismissed Cyberbritain's case for a judicial review at the first opportunity, noting that Cyberbritain could have used the appeals process which forms part of the DRS, but had failed to do so.

Cyberbritain initially looked for a second hearing, but has now withdrawn that request and dropped the case completely. It has also confirmed that it will not attempt to bring any further proceedings elsewhere.

Edward Phillips, Nominet UK's company solicitor, said: "I am pleased that the judge refused to allow this case to continue as it was totally inappropriate and would have been a waste of money and time for all concerned. The Dispute Resolution Service is a Nominet success story and attempts at litigation such as this just distract everyone from the good work it does for small business and registrants."