Symantec has upgraded Norton Utilities and Norton Antivirus.

Norton Utilities 6.0 (£68) includes Norton Disk Doctor, a utility to check for and fix disk errors; Speed Disk, a program that speeds up Mac performance; Norton FileSaver, which recovers deleted files, and Disk Editor, which can revise file directory structures.

New in version 6.0 is a profiling system. After setting up a profile, Norton's interface can be customized and Speed Disk used to organize multimedia or gaming files and make them more accesible.

Norton Antivirus 7.0 (£51) has an always-on "auto-protect" feature that checks e-mail attachments and other files being downloaded from the Internet for viruses. An auto-update feature will keep the software up-to-date by downloading the latest virus-definition files and software patches from the Internet. Norton releases monthly updates to its virus definition files.

The Norton Utilities and Norton Antivirus CDs will also double up as emergency disks that can be used to boot-up a Mac and fix disk problems.

Symantec also announced Norton SystemsWorks 6.0, which combines Norton Utilities and Norton Antivirus in a single package.

SystemWorks 6.0 also includes Dantz's Retrospect, which enables files to be copied to different media, and Aladdin's Spring Cleaning, which keeps a hard drive free of excess files. It costs £99.

The products ship in mid November, and are distributed by Computers Unlimited. Symantec claims the products will run under Mac OS 9.0 or Mac OS X.