Notebook computer manufacturers in the Far East are expecting market growth in the last few months of 2004.

Quanta Computer - which manufactures some products for Apple - has revised its projected sequential growth for notebook shipments in the quarter to 20-30 per cent. It had earlier anticipated 10-15 per cent growth, DigiTimes reports.

The company manufactures computers for named brands - Apple, HP and others. It now expects shipments to total 3.4-3.7 million units in the quarter.

Analysts at IDC last month reported continued momentum in notebook sales, particularly in Europe: "While the momentum in the notebook market continues to drive overall market growth, with a 30 per cent rise again year on year, and with demand remaining buoyant in the consumer and SMB segments, most vendors are clearly benefiting from the ongoing uptake in desktop demand," said Karine Paoli, research director for IDC's EMEA Personal Computing group.

Apple continues to reflect the industry trend favouring notebooks, with PowerBook unit shipments in its last quarter climbing 21 per cent, year-on-year; iBook shipments climbed 74 per cent year-on-year.