Analyst firm International Data Corp (IDC) has released figures showing a growing market-share for notebooks.

Portable computers accounted for nearly 24 per cent of global PC sales in the current quarter. Confirming Apple's vision of the importance of portable solutions, IDC suggests that notebook market-share will continue to rise.

The IDC report shows design is a major force behind sales. As PC manufacturers compete for sales, consumers benefit from falling prices and enhanced features – such as built-in modems, DVD player, large screens and variety of connectivity options seen in Apple's notebooks. Such added functionality, says IDC is bringing laptops ever closer to desktop computers.

The report also indicates that the development of wireless networking – introduced as standard by Apple with AirPort in 1999 – is also driving increased sales.

Driven by increased affordability and advanced technologies, notebook sales will rise from 18 per cent of overall PC sales in 1999 to a predicted 25 per cent share in 2005, IDC claims.