Cable operator NTL has responded to Telewest's decision to ramp-up its broadband offering with significant speed increases at no extra charge – by doing the same.

The decision raises the 150Kb service to 300Kbps for £17.99; the 600Kb service hits 770Kb for £24.99 and NTL's 1Mb service now offers 1.5Mb for £37.99.

NTL residential services managing director Aizad Hussain said: "We are raising the bar for speed of service."

Ramped-up services will be rolled out across the network in the coming weeks.

The company has also disclosed plans to improve the company's email and newsgroup services. This means the company claims it will be offering a "state-of-the-art" email platform and "one of the largest" newsgroup platforms in Europe.

The company also released details of upcoming improvements to its Broadband Plus service. Subscribers to this £3.99-a-month option will benefit from a new channel – MTV Live and digital photo services from PhotoBox.