Numark has confirmed its much-anticipated iPod DJ mixing desk will ship in October 2005.

The iDJ will mix music taken from two iPods, and hosts two iPod docking stations on board. It carries two large, circular iPod navigation controls; a three-band equalizer (EQ) with gain control on both channels and a dedicated microphone input, which carries tone and level controls. It also offers phono, line and USB inputs.

Numark CEO Jack O'Donnell said: "We couldn't be more excited to bring the art of DJing to the consumer market. Since almost everyone carries an iPod in their pocket, the new iDJ makes it easy to use an iPod as professional DJ gear.

"This compact mixing system is a natural extension of the iPod platform that makes enjoying music with others that much easier."

The iDJ costs $399, UK pricing hasn't yet been revealed.