Nvidia has announced the GeForce2 Go, a GPU (graphics processing unit) designed for low-power applications and laptops.

GeForce2 Go is a graphics accelerator. It completes image operations faster, and displays images more clearly, according to the company.

Nvidia claims the GeForce2 Go will offer ten times the 3D rendering power of standard laptops. The company says the GPU is the first to offer DDR (Doube Data Rate) RAM for mobile computers, it carries up to 32MB of SDRAM DDR memory.

MX for Mac At its core is the GeForce2 MX chipset, introduced by Nvidia earlier this year, which supports Macs. Though Nvidia has not said the device is Mac compatible, the MX chipset means the product could work on Mac portables.

Other features include: accelerated MPEG-2 and DVD playback; Open GL compatibility; and Microsoft Direct 3D compatibility. The GeForce2 Go can process up to 17-million polygons per second and 286-million pixels per second with a memory bandwidth of 2.6 GB per second.

Nvidia does not manufacture its own technologies, preferring to license them out to others for manufacture. Reports indicate that Apple-ready products built from Nvidia's technology could appear early next year.