Nvidia will introduce its GeForce4 graphics processor today, heralding a revamp of the company's entire product range, Reuters reports.

Nvidia creates the graphics technology employed by Apple across its products, including the GeForce2 MX unit used inside the recently-introduced flat-panel iMac range.

Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang discussed the plans with Goldman Sachs technology investment symposium attendees. He said the revamp was "the broadest product launch we've ever had", and announced plans to introduce GeForce4 at the top of the company's product line, leaving GeForce3 as its mid-range, and the GeForce2 as its entry-level product. Other models are to be phased out, he revealed.

The CEO also revealed the company's intentions to introduce a new graphics-processing unit every six months.

Wall Street yesterday cut $3.02 off the value of Nvidia's stock, which fell to $61.11 at market close. The move reflects analyst concerns for corporate-accounting practices in the wake of the Enron affair, and Wall Street's reaction to President Bush's determination to cut high-tech research subsidies, analysts claim.

In related news, Nvidia was named
Company of the Year by analyst firm Jon Peddle Research yesterday.