The authors of a Web site for computer-graphics enthusiasts have been censured by graphics-chip supplier NVidia for posting confidential information belonging to the company.

NVidia produces the graphics cards installed in all of Apple's top-of-the-range PowerMac G4s. The company discovered information on was obtained by someone hacking into its systems, and by impersonating the staff of partner companies, an NVidia spokesman said.

The postings on M3DZone included corporate information about the graphics supplier and details on unannounced products and software drivers, he said.

Two Dutch nationals aged 16 and 21 have been accused. Their personal computers were seized and returned after inspection.

Michiel Beenen, M3DZone's administrator said: "M3DZone is a hobby. We've got 12 people who post news to the Web site and are unaware of copyright issues and that there are certain items you just can't post. We've learned from this.

"We told our news posters not to post copyright protected, leaked or in any way illegal material to the site. We want to have a good relationship with the manufacturers."

NVidia did not file charges against the two Dutchmen. The settlement between the company and the M3DZone crew was reached in September, but the news only emerged last Friday.