The New York music industry is turning to Apple to learn more about online-music marketing, following the runaway success of the iTunes Music Store.

The New York Chapter of the Recording Academy has invited Apple applications and services marketing director Peter Lowe to be a panelist at its Working the Web: Music, Money & Marketing conference.

The one-day conference will bring together music-industry and Internet experts to discuss ways that "music professionals can make use of the Internet as a marketing tool".

New York Chapter President Phil Galdston said: "This is a conference for all music professionals – artists, musicians, songwriters, producers, engineers, managers, publishers, lawyers, agents, record label executives, Web site and technology developers.

“They will have the opportunity to meet the top players in the music and online industries and hear their strategies for working the Web to make money with music."

The event takes place on October 25 at Manhattan’s Park Central Hotel.