New York's police are taking action to deal with a recent spate of iPod thefts, issuing leaflets to commuters advising they change the colour of their headphones.

New York blogger Emily Gordon reports the news: "A much more prevalent problem in modern life is iPod theft, which the New York City Police Department would like you to know about. They had an officer handing out pamphlets at the Greenpoint Avenue G stop today."

Watch your iPod!

The leaflet is called: "Transit safety: Don't become a victim!"

"Watch your iPod", the leaflet earnestly explains, adding, "let's stop iPod theft".

Commuters are advised to remain alert and to keep their iPod out of sight. The leaflet also advises they stay away from train doors when using "electronic devices". They should also, "be alert for pickpockets" and, "change the earpiece colour when riding in public".

The NYPD advertising campaign even carries a huge image of an iPod