UK mobile operator MmO2 has adopted the Apple-championed AAC audio codec as the compression standard for the O2 Music Service it launched this week.

The service offers an "over the air" music download service that lets subscribers select, retrieve, store and play music tracks using their mobile phone and the O2 Digital music Player.

The news follows a similar announcement from South Korea's SK Telecom, which also plans to use the service in forthcoming 3G services.

AAC developer Coding Technologies vice president Stefan Meltzer said: "For the new mobile music services, consumers want it fast, cheap and easy. AACPlus helps O2 meet that demand with the world’s most efficient audio compression made available in mission-critical encoders and decoders."

Apple has also adopted the standard – which is not at present supported by Microsoft's Media Player – as format of choice for tracks downloaded through the iTunes Music Store.