Panergy has launched a pair of applications developed to give Macintosh users access to Microsoft Office applications with no need for a Microsoft product.

icWord 2.0 will view and convert Microsoft Word documents, while icExcel 1.0 lets users open, view, export and print Excel files.

Files saved in either Microsoft application can be constructed on a Mac or a PC. icWord 2.0 lets non Microsoft Office users convert Word documents into AppleWorks, RTF or text files in order to export text into design programs. Both utilities are capable of opening, viewing and printing files in all European and Far East languages while preserving the original formatting.

Mickey Sonnenschein, Panergy's director of marketing, said: "Graphics pros have been asking us for a way to get Word docs into Illustrator and Freehand without losing any formatting, and now we have something for them with icWord 2.0. The ability to save files in the RTF format will save time, money, and frustration."

Both applications are available online. Single licenses for either application cost $19.95, while a license for both costs $29.95. Free 30-day fully functional demo versions of both utilities are available for download.